Resumption of Metro Bus Route 32 in Sartell

Effective Sunday, May 7, Metro Bus Fixed Route 32 will resume service in Sartell. The ConneX on-demand service trial will end at that time. A map of the full route showing the area and locations served as well as connection points to Routes 22 and 31 is below.

Route 32 will serve the following locations:

  • Sartell Medical Center
  • CentraCare Plaza
  • Coborn’s Marketplace
  • Sartell City Hall
  • Sartell High School
  • Oak Ridge Elementary School (bus stop on Pine Cone Road)
  • Riverside Plaza
  • Sartell Mobile Home Park
  • Country Manor

Printed and digital versions of the full schedule will be available Monday, April 3. Route 32 will hub from the Sartell Walmart and run hourly from 6 AM – 7 PM on weekdays and 9 AM – 4 PM on weekends. The Route will form an hourly loop through Sartell and return to Walmart each hour. The Route will also serve the Sartell High School three times each weekday.

Fixed Route fare of $1.25 will apply for Route 32. Individuals paying a fare with the Metro Bus Smart Ride Card are automatically credited with two hours of free travel from that time anywhere on the Fixed Route system. Free transfers are only available when using the Smart Ride Card.

Metro Bus offers reduced fare on Fixed Routes during off-peak times for individuals with disabilities and seniors aged 65 and older. Customers must show proof of qualification such as a photo ID with date of birth, Metro Bus Freedom Card or Dial-a-Ride ID, Medicare Card, or other appropriate ID.

Visit for information about fare payment options and reduced fares.

The Dial-a-Ride service area and hours will not be affected by this change. Please contact us to find out what this change means for you at 320.529.4497.


Map of Route 32 in Sartell, effective May 7, 2023.
Map of Route 32 in Sartell, effective May 7, 2023, with connections to Routes 22 and 31.

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