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In September 2021, Metro Bus will introduce new fareboxes, Smart Ride Cards, Smart Ride Tickets and the Smart Ride App for mobile phones. These options will offer easy, convenient and cash-free fare paying options. Here’s what you need to know about this transition.

Our intuitive farebox helps you board buses faster with a contactless Smart Ride Card, Smart Ride Ticket or mobile ticketing option on the Smart Ride App. Free, unlimited transfers within two hours of paying your fare will still be offered when using the Smart Ride Card, but you will no longer need a transfer ticket.

Smart Ride Card

Easily pay for your Metro Bus fares on the go as well as at home using our online purchasing option or the Metro Bus Smart Ride App for mobile phones. Purchased passes stored on your mobile phone can be activated when ready to ride. The Stored Value fare option allows you to load any amount of money you choose on your Smart Ride Card and fares are automatically deducted each time you ride.

Smart Ride Cards, online purchasing and the Metro Bus Smart Ride App are not currently available and the official date of the transition to the new fareboxes is not yet determined. Please continue to check here for updates.

During an upcoming promotional period beginning Sunday, September 19, customers will be able to redeem Metro Bus day passes, ride passes, change cards and tokens for like value on a free Smart Ride Card. This includes partially used passes, tokens as well as change cards. The option to exchange unused passes will last until Saturday, October 16, We are not able to offer refunds. Learn more here.


Metro Bus Smart Ride Cards will offer Stored Value for regular fares, Stored Ride Passes and 31-Day Passes. Smart Ride Cards will be able to be purchased for $3 at the Transit Center or online. You can load funds to any Smart Ride Card at the Transit Center, at ticket outlets, online or on your mobile device.

Smart Ride Cards, online purchasing and the Metro Bus Smart Ride App are not currently available. Please continue to check here for updates.

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Ticket outlets

Purchase fare at the Metro Bus Transit Center when available.

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On the Bus

When fares resume, customers can pay fares directly at the farebox with cash. Please use the exact change. New fareboxes will not be able to make change.

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Purchase fares online at

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Call 320.251.7433 for information about Metro Bus fares.

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Mobile Ticketing

Download our Smart Ride App on your mobile device.

With the Smart Ride Card, transfer tickets are no longer necessary. When boarding just tap your card to the farebox and you’re all set!

Get your FREE Smart Ride Card during our upcoming promotional period September 19-October 16. Click here for details!

Our step-by-step video shows how to use easy, convenient, cash-free fare paying options. See our new farebox at the Mobility Training Center in downtown St. Cloud, MN.


Protect your Metro Bus Smart Ride Card balance against loss, damage or theft, check card balance, usage and order history by creating a free online account and registering your card.

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Create an online account

Create an online account at

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Register an Existing Card

Select “Register an Existing Card” from the My Cards menu.

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Enter your card number

Enter the 10-digit card number and CVV number as they appear on the back of your card.

Registered customers can, check your Card’s balance, add value, view transaction history or enroll in Autobuy to automatically replenish your card’s value.

Metro Bus is unable to transfer fare balance on unregistered cards.


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System Map Download

See the complete map of all Metro Bus routes.

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Northstar Link

Commuter bus service to Big Lake, Minnesota Twins baseball games, and Minnesota Vikings football games is available from the Metro Bus Transit Center.

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Jefferson Lines

Offering service to destinations throughout the country’s heartland and connects from the Metro Bus Transit Center.