Metro Bus Operator receives state recognition

The Minnesota Public Transit Association (MPTA) honored Bob Braegelmann, St. Cloud, with the Minnesota Bus Operator of the Year award at its annual conference last week.

Braegelmann, a Fixed Route Operator, has worked for Metro Bus since 1980. Braegelmann is one of the safest Metro Bus Operators with zero preventable accidents during his entire 38+ year career. Additionally, Bob has qualified for the monthly Metro Bus Employee Incentive Program every month since its inception in January 2017. To qualify, an Operator must have zero unexcused absences or sick calls, zero disciplinary actions against, zero late sign-ins, zero accidents and zero substantiated customer service complaints.

MPTA presents the Minnesota Bus Operator of the Year award to an individual who has consistently demonstrated high levels of achievement in all aspects of their performance including attendance, safety, customer service, leadership and commitment to the organization. Overall contributions made by the awarded driver have significantly improved the organization in which they work and the lives of the public transit customers they serve.

Minnesota Bus Operator of the Year Bob Braegelmann, second from left, is pictured with Metro Bus staff (from left) Ryan Daniel, CEO; Dave Green, Operations Manager; and Berta Hartig, Marketing & Communications Manager.


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