Metro Bus drivers take top honors at state competition

Public transit drivers from across the state gathered in Duluth to compete in the 31st annual Minnesota Bus Roadeo hosted by the Minnesota Public Transit Association July 13 and 14.

Metro Bus Dial-a-Ride operators Todd DeZurik and Chris Osmek took first and sixth respectively in the small bus division, which had 26 competitors. Fixed Route operators Mike Keller and Jerry Schmitz placed sixth and seventh in the large bus division, which had 16 competitors.

Because DeZurik placed first at the state level, he earned a chance to represent Metro Bus at the national level in 2019. DeZurik placed third in the nation last month at the National Community Transit Roadeo after winning the at the state level last year as well.

The Bus Roadeo is a chance for drivers in both the Fixed Route (large bus) and Dial-a-Ride (small bus) divisions to showcase their driving skills. Drivers are scored on their ability to navigate a timed obstacle course of orange road cones, testing various real life driving scenarios.

For more information about state and national competitions:

  • Minnesota State Roadeo hosted by the Minnesota Public Transit Association:
  • National Community Transit Roadeo (for small buses) hosted by the Community Transportation Association of America:
  • International Bus Roadeo (for large buses) hosted by the American Public Transportation Association:

Metro Bus employees pictured from top row left: Operations Manager Dave Green, Planning Manager Doug Diedrichsen, Street Supervisor Shawn Pierce, CEO Ryan Daniel, Operations Manager Nicky Lahr and Operator Kimberly Cook; bottom row: Jerry Schmitz (seventh place, large bus), Todd DeZurik (first place, small bus), Chris Osmek (sixth place, small bus) and Mike Keller (sixth place, large bus).


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