Metro Bus Operators to showcase skills in friendly competition

Metro Bus Operators (bus drivers) will be competing for local top honors at the Metro Bus Local Bus Roadeo scheduled to start at noon Thursday, May 19 at the St. Cloud State University (SCSU) K-Lot next to the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center. The competition is open for the public to watch.

“This is your chance to see what it takes to be a Bus Operator,” said Ryan Daniel, Chief Executive Officer for Metro Bus. “Each obstacle simulates a real-life driving scenario. Watching this friendly competition will help you gain a greater appreciation for this profession!”

The Bus Roadeo is a chance for Operators in both Fixed Route (commonly referred to as city or large bus) and Dial-a-Ride (paratransit, small bus) divisions to showcase their driving skills. Operators are scored on their ability to navigate a timed obstacle course of orange road cones, testing various real-life driving scenarios. Metro Bus has held Local Bus Roadeo competitions since 1986.

The top finishers from each division qualify to compete in the Minnesota Statewide Bus Roadeo to be held July 15-16, in Austin, MN. If they win first place at the state level they are eligible to compete in their respective national/international competition.

Metro Bus has a rich history of excellence in local, state and national/international bus roadeo competitions. Over the years, Metro Bus Operators have taken first place in the Minnesota State Roadeo 24 times and have placed in the top four in national/international competitions six times including two first place finishes. Metro Bus Dial-a-Ride Operator David Peacock is headed to the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) National Community Transportation Roadeo May 13-14 after winning the Minnesota State Roadeo hosted by the Minnesota Public Transit Association (MPTA) in 2021.

The Local Roadeo is the first step towards bus-driving greatness for these essential public servants. If you are able, please join us at SCSU on May 19 to cheer on your favorite Bus Operators!

For more information about state and national/international competitions:

  • Minnesota State Roadeo hosted by the MPTA:
  • National Community Transit Roadeo (for small buses) hosted by the CTAA:
  • International Bus Roadeo (for large buses) hosted by the American Public Transportation Association:

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