Metro Bus Operators take multiple top spots and distinguished award at MPTA State Bus Roadeo

Full Metro Bus delegation for the MPTA State Bus Roadeo. From left to right: Operations Manager Missy Kraemer, Dial-a-Ride Operator David Peacock, Dial-a-Ride Operator Larry Dolan, Fixed Route Operator Julie Dockendorf, Dial-a-Ride Operator Keith Drake, Fixed Route Operator Adam Ploof, Fixed Route Operator Jason Hiivala, Scheduling & Service Support Specialist Gayle Rekowski, CEO Ryan I. Daniel and Training & Safety Manager Scott Stark.

On Saturday, July 22, the Minnesota Public Transit Association (MPTA) held the 36th Annual Statewide Bus Roadeo in Rochester, MN. In the friendly competition, Bus Operators from across Minnesota and Iowa matched safety and service skills with their colleagues.

Metro Bus was excited to send three Dial-a-Ride (small bus) Operators and three Fixed Route (large bus) Operators to the State Roadeo. Metro Bus Operators had a very successful day, taking the following honors:

  • 1st Place Small Bus Division – David Peacock
  • 2nd Place Small Bus Division – Keith Drake
  • 2nd Place Large Bus Division – Julie Dockendorf
  • Drivers Choice-Duane Dufner Memorial Award – David Peacock

The Drivers’ Choice Award is voted on by the Roadeo participants to recognize the Operator who was the most helpful to their colleagues during the Roadeo.

“The Bus Roadeo, was a spectacle of talent and camaraderie, as bus operators from across our state gathered to put their skills to the test. This event not only served as a platform to recognize the unsung heroes of public transportation but also as a reminder of the essential role they play in keeping our city moving.” adds Metro Bus CEO and MPTA President Ryan I. Daniel. “Congratulations to all the Metro Bus winners and participants!”


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