Traveling in Sartell? Use ConneX!

Starting January 2, those traveling within Sartell will have a new way to get around.

Metro Bus is piloting ConneX (pronounced “connects” or “kəˈnekts”), an affordable on-demand ride service, to replace and improve upon Route 32 from January 2-December 31, 2019. It is a call-in service and if the trial is successful, a mobile app will be planned for requesting rides. Because it is not a Fixed Route, it is important to note that ConneX will not display as a ride option in the Metro Bus Trip Planner. You can transfer between ConneX and Metro Bus Fixed Route system via Route 31 at Walmart or Routes 21 and 22 at Country Manor. Route 31 also changes on January 2 to serve the southeastern portion of Sartell, where St. Cloud Orthopedics, Health Partners, Medical Group and CentraCare Health Plaza are located. Learn about the new Route 31. 

Learn more about ConneX and view the ConneX service area map.

Watch the How-to-Ride ConneX video on YouTube.

How to use ConneX: 

1. Call when you are ready: Select ConneX from the menu. You will be asked for your name, phone number, location and destination.

2. Wait for your ride: Wait where you can see the ConneX vehicle as it arrives and board within one minute of its arrival. ConneX provides curb-to-curb service and will stop near the end of your home’s driveway at the curb or near the entrance of buildings with parking lots. This is a shared ride service designed to maximize efficiency and service. Wait times will vary based on ride demand.

3. Pay as you board: ConneX is a Metro Bus service and all Fixed Route fares apply. Remember to request a free transfer ticket if you plan to ride ConneX or a Metro Bus route within two hours. Learn about fares here.

4. Enjoy your ride: ConneX is for everyone. There are no age restrictions. Passengers must be able to ride independently or bring their own assistance.


Transferring between Routes and ConneX service:

  • If you are traveling to or from outside the ConneX service area, you will need to transfer between a Metro Bus route and ConneX service. Transfer tickers are free and good for unlimited use within two hours. You must request the transfer ticket when boarding your first bus.
  • ConneX connects with Route 31 at Walmart in Sartell. When you give Walmart as your starting location or destination, the customer service representative will ask if you are at or going to the store or the bus shelter.
  • ConneX connects with Routes 21 and 22 at the bus stops near Country Manor. When you give Country Manor as your starting location or destination, you will be asked if you are at or going to the bus stop or the Country Store. It is important to know that ConneX only stops at these two locations east of the Mississippi River.




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