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Metro Bus announces schedule changes to SCSU Services

ST. CLOUD (8/21/17) — Metro Bus operates several routes to serve St. Cloud State University (SCSU) during fall and spring semesters when class is in session. These routes, which are open to the public, are affected by changes to the contract between Metro Bus and SCSU.

Routes 91-93: These on-campus routes have been streamlined to provide bus service until 11 pm every day, with no time overlaps between the routes.

  • Route 91: No changes. This daytime route provides shuttle service between Husky Hub/K-Lot parking and the Wick Science Building as a continuous loop, approximately every 10-minutes. The route and schedules are the same as last year, weekdays only 6:50 am-5:29 pm.
  • Route 92: Changes to schedule. This evening route now operates weekdays only 5:30-7:56 pm.
    The 20-minute loop serves the parking lots near Husky Hub, Wick Science Building, Miller Center, Atwood and Residence Halls.
  • Route 93: Changes to schedule. This night route now operates until 11 pm every night. The route starts at 8 pm Monday-Friday, 7 pm Saturday and 6:30 pm Sunday. Route 93 operates on and off campus. It has scheduled stops at Miller Center, Husky Hub/K-Lot and Atwood every 30 minutes and provides curbside service from campus to destinations within a defined service area

Route 95: Discontinued. Route 95 provided late night service between downtown and the area near campus Thursday-Sunday nights. This route is no longer funded by SCSU and has been discontinued.

U-Pass Free Ride Program: This program allows participants to ride all Metro Bus routes free by swiping their campus IDs through the farebox. Both SCSU and St. Cloud Technical & Community College participate. SCSU has discontinued faculty and staff participation in the free-ride program. Only students may ride all Metro Bus routes free by swiping their campus IDs through the farebox. SCSU employees may ride on-campus shuttles Routes 91-93 free by showing their IDs.

Metro Bus Routes 5, 8, 11 and 12 and Dial-a-Ride serve SCSU year-round and are unaffected by the contract with SCSU. Dial-a-Ride is a shared-ride service for people with disabilities who are unable to ride Fixed Route service. Riders must be certified before using the Dial-a-Ride service.

Learn more about service to SCSU in College Connect.



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