ConneX fare increase

Effective Wednesday, April 1, the fare for ConneX, the on-demand ride service in Sartell, will increase to $2.50 per trip. Free transfers will still be in effect during the two-hour window from when the original fare was paid. Passengers will be able to transfer between fixed routes and ConneX for free within the transfer window as well.

31-Day and 10-Ride passes for ConneX will be available and Dial-a-Ride passes can be used on the ConneX service. Passengers eligible for the U-Pass Ride Program will also be able to use their student IDs to ride ConneX. Consistent with Metro Bus fixed routes, service connected veterans can ride ConneX for free.

ConneX is a trial service designed to better serve residents and travelers in Sartell. The service is in a trial phase set to expire December 31, 2020. A decision will be made late in 2020 on whether the service will remain permanent.

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