Taking the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) permit exam can be intimidating for drivers whether they are experienced or new to the industry. Metro Bus provides important information and practice to give employees the knowledge and confidence needed to successfully pass the exam and continue on the path to a role at Metro Bus.

The CDL Permit Training Program offers paid training to applicants hired without a CDL permit and helps them prepare for a role at Metro Bus.

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New Hire Orientation
New employees meet Metro Bus staff, get a tour of the building and fill out any forms needed for employment.

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Permit Preparation Classroom Training
Metro Bus Training & Safety staff familiarize employees with the CDL manual, discuss knowledge needed for the exam and review practice exams.

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Permit Test
Employees receive two hours of paid time per permit test attempt. This exam requires the passing of General Knowledge, Passenger and Airbrake tests.

Once receipt of all required permits is provided, new employees move to New Operator Training for completion of the CDL license exam.

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CDL Training
New employees learn about bus pre-trip, basic road skills and any other needed knowledge to help them feel at ease with the CDL license exam and road test.

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CDL License and Road Test
Road test date depends on when the CDL permit is obtained. The State of Minnesota requires Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) holders to have their permit for 14 calendar days before taking the CDL road test. Once you have your permit we will schedule you for the CDL test.


For answers to common, general questions about job postings and the Metro Bus hiring process click here to see the FAQ page.

If you are interested in obtaining your CDL permit on your own click here for the Minnesota Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Manual.


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