Schedule a Ride

To schedule a ride, you must be certified. Call 320.252.1010. Trips may be scheduled between one and seven days in advance.

When scheduling a ride provide: 
     1. Name                               2. Origin address             3. Destination address          
     4. Desired arrival time        5. Companion or child information   

 • Every effort will be made to schedule trip requests at the specific time desired. Earlier or later pick-up times may be suggested due to system capacity limitations.

• All trips are scheduled to carry as many passengers as possible.

• Wait at the outer door of your designated pick-up location at the time provided.

• Return trips for medical appointments can be scheduled when the initial ride is requested or can be called in when your medical appointment is completed.

• Allow at least 15 minutes beyond the pick-up time before calling about the ride.

• Drivers do not take appointments or make changes. Specialized Service does not provide emergency medical transportation. 

    Subscription Trips

    Subscription Service may be available for those who travel to the same place, at the same times, several days a week. To be considered for Dial-a-Ride Subscription service, all of the following criteria must be met:
         • Certified to use Metro Bus Dial-a-Ride, except those with Temporary or Visitor certifications

         • Request is for travel to the same destination at the same time — at least three times a week 


    To be considered for a Subscription Service, please complete the following form: Subscription Request Form

    Subscription Service requests are reviewed the first Monday of each month and the five working days following. Approval is based on meeting the set criteria, as well as the availability of service.

    Subscription trips may be put on hold for up to 30 days. If a rider does not resume subscription trip within 30 days, it will be removed and rescheduled through the subscription trip request process. Subscriptions have no expiration. If there are any changes made to the subscription (day, time or destination) it may be canceled and will be reinstated, if there is availability. If a rider cancels 50% or more of their trips in the month, subscription service may be removed. 


    A companion is a family member or friend who rides along. More than one companion may ride if there is capacity on the vehicle. Each companion must pay a fare each time they ride and must board and deboard at the same location as the rider.

    A family member or friend serving as your personal care attendant (PCA) isn't consider a companion. A suspended certified individual cannot travel as your companion. 

    Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

    A Personal Care Attendant is someone who provides care for the certified individual and is necessary to the individual's mobility. One PCA can accompany a certified Dial-a-Ride rider at no charge. An individual's certification should indicate he or she may, at times, require a PCA. A PCA ride must be scheduled in advance. The PCA must board and deboard at the same locations as the rider.

    Canceling a Scheduled Trip

    Trips must be cancelled as far in advance as possible. If a scheduled trip will not be used, it must be cancelled at least two hours in advance to avoid a no-show.



To apply for Dial-a-Ride an application must be completed. To obtain an application call 320.251.7433, or click on the link below.

Download the Dial-a-Ride application. 

Download the Dial-a-Ride Service Guide  

Call Center Hours

Reservations and changes to reservations are accepted:

Mon-Fri:6:30 am - 6:30 pm*

Sat-Sun 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


* During weekdays, staff is available to answer calls regarding cancellations and questions until 8 pm, and voicemail for cancellations will be checked until 8 pm.


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