Bus Stops

Bus Stop Only Policy
Metro Bus has a Bus Stop Only policy to maximize bus schedule reliability, requiring riders to board and exit fixed route buses at designated signed bus stops. Nearly 700 signed bus stops are located along Metro Bus routes. When deboarding, your driver will let you off at the nearest signed bus stop after you pull the yellow stop request cord.

Metro Bus bus stops list the route numbers in circles. Each sign has a unique ID located on the lower left corner.

Identify Your Route at the Bus Stop

Bus stop signs identify the routes served by that stop with route number stickers. Bus schedules and the system route map show bus stop locations along each route.  Most routes have signed bus stops every 2-3 blocks in urban neighborhoods and 4-6 blocks along less dense corridors. Each bus stop has a unique ID located on the lower left corner. This ID can be used when calling Metro Bus for schedule information.


Bus Shelters

Step out of the bus shelter when your bus approaches so the driver can easily see you.

Oakwood Court Apartments 15th Avenue SE, St. Cloud
Oakwood Court Apartments, 15th Avenue SE, St. Cloud 

Riders Guide: Spanish Version

Riders Guide: Somali Version

Rider Safety

Be considerate and follow these Metro Bus simple, common sense rules.

  • No possession of dangerous substances or firearms. (Exception: A person who has a concealed carry permit issued under MN Statutes 624.714 may possess a concealed firearm.)

  • Keep arms, legs and personal items out of the aisles.

  • Fold strollers before boarding the bus.
  • Do not stand in the stairwells.
  • No feet are allowed on the seats.
  • No eating or drinking, unless the drinks are in a covered mug or resealable bottle.
  • No smoking on any Metro Bus or Metro Bus property, including the Transit Center. A smoking shelter is provided at the Transit Center.
  • No loud or offensive language. No radios without earphones.
  • No rollerblades or in-line skates may be worn on any Metro Bus.
  • Animals are allowed only if they are in a carry-on kennel.
  • You may ask your bus driver questions, however, please refrain from carrying on a conversation when the bus is in motion.
  • No loitering on Transit Center property. Violators will be cited for trespassing.
  • Certified assistive animals are allowed on the bus.

If a passenger violates any of the above policies, the driver may refuse boarding or may ask the passenger to leave the bus. Metro Bus may prosecute any person who violates the law.

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